Competency management
The competency management programme standardizes the necessary competencies required for your company's employees to successfully perform their jobs.
What is Competence?
Competence refers to the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behavioral characteristics of a person that enable them to perform their work consistently, accurately, and reliably.
What is a Competency Assurance Programme?
A Competency Assurance Programme is a systematic approach to assessing and developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees, ensuring their compliance with the necessary standards for effective performance of their professional duties.
Advantages of the method:
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For employees
  • Better understanding of their role in the organization
    Competence management provides employees with a clear vision of the requirements for their position, including the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. This ensures a better understanding of their role in the company and increases confidence in task execution.
  • Training and career development
    A systematic approach to training and competency development opens up new opportunities for employees to advance in their careers. Acquiring new competencies becomes the key to expanding professional horizons and achieving higher positions within the organization.
  • Managing personal development
    Competence management provides employees with tools to create an individual professional development plan, aimed at achieving personal career goals. This implies a personal interest in continuous learning and self-improvement, supported by the resources and backing of the organization.
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For Companies
  • Minimizing risks
    Effective competence management significantly reduces the number of incidents and accidents by eliminating gaps in employee qualifications. Applying a structured approach to training and staff development increases their competence and professionalism, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing overall workplace safety.
  • Increasing productivity
    Implementing competence management programs helps optimize work processes and improve task execution quality. This is achieved by precisely defining and developing the necessary skills of employees, which directly affects their productivity and, consequently, increases company profitability.
  • Strategic resource planning
    Competence management enables companies to plan more effectively for staffing and development needs. It provides a clear vision of future qualification and competence requirements, allowing timely adaptation and preparation of staff for market changes and internal company developments. Moreover, a strategic approach to employee development helps retain talent and reduce costs associated with hiring new specialists, thereby enhancing the company's competitiveness and stability in the market.
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For the Industry
  • Standardization of competencies
    Applying uniform standards and best practices across the industry improves the quality of work, ensuring that the skills of all employees meet current requirements and expectations. This not only raises the overall level of professionalism in the industry but also facilitates more effective interaction and collaboration between companies.
  • Optimization of the hiring process
    Competence management allows for more precise identification of required competencies in candidates, significantly improving hiring processes. This ensures the recruitment of staff who fully meet the necessary criteria, reduces the time and resources spent on selecting and training new employees, and decreases the risk of hiring errors.
How can organizations use the Competence Management Method?
A successfully implemented Competence Management Program can be a cornerstone of human resource management, ensuring the efficiency of all critical business processes:

Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Staff Selection:
    Identify key competencies required for each role and use this data in the recruitment process (testing, interviewing, qualification assessment). This ensures that new employees meet or even exceed established requirements.
  • Development of Onboarding Programmes:
    Create structured onboarding programs that help new employees quickly reach the necessary level of competence, reducing their integration time and enhancing their productivity.

Training and Development
  • Assessment of Current Staff Competence:
    Conduct an evaluation of your team's competencies to identify both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying Competency Needs:
    Determine the competencies needed to achieve the strategic goals of the organization and to meet industry standards.
  • Conducting Regular Assessments:
    Periodically assess the level of employees' competencies, allowing for effective planning of the necessary training and development to fulfill production tasks.
  • Targeted Training Programmes:
    Develop training programs aimed at addressing specific competency gaps and enhancing the overall qualification of staff.

Performance Management
  • Establishing Work Standards:
    Have detailed job descriptions that include qualification requirements and a list of functional duties, as well as the competencies required for each position.
  • Enhancing Productivity:
    Use the requirements for certain competencies as key indicators in performance evaluations, helping employees see ways to improve their work.
  • Career Management:
    Link employee career advancement with their professional growth, which includes acquiring business-critical competencies (technologies, skills, knowledge, and abilities).

Succession Planning
  • Identifying Talents and Potential Leaders:
    Regular analysis of staff competencies allows for early identification of potential leaders and talented employees, ensuring timely planning of their development.
  • Ensuring Continuity in Key Positions:
    Having a clear understanding of the critical competencies required in the most important positions. This not only ensures seamless transitions of employees within the organization but also allows for prompt replacement in the absence of key staff, maintaining stability and efficiency of the organization.
Components of the Competency Assurance Programme
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Defining the objectives and tasks of the project for implementing a corporate Competence Management System
  • Define the objectives of the Competence Management System
  • Define the scope of the Competence Management System
  • Define business-critical tasks
  • Define the positions and functions covered by the Competence Management System
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Designing the Competence Management System
  • Define the elements covered by the Competence Management System
  • Define the system interfaces (external and internal)
  • Define competence standards
  • Define how each competence standard is achieved, assessed, and recorded
  • Define training and development programs for each proposed competence standard
  • Define quality control procedures for all system elements
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Implementing the Competence Management System
  • Conduct measurements and verification of competencies to ensure compliance with standards
  • Conduct training according to competence standards
  • Monitor, reassess, and update competencies
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Assessing and maintaining the Competence Management System
  • Regularly update competence standards in accordance with the latest changes in technology and business processes
  • Maintain the competency level of Competence Management System managers and assessors
  • Evaluate the quality and usefulness of the Competence Management System's impact on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Implementing the Competency Assurance Program can significantly enhance the overall efficiency of all business processes in your organization. Start this work today!
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