Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Virtual Workshops
A virtual environment for interactive practice for participants in technical training programmes.
Our platform "Virtual Workshops" serves as a powerful tool for training skilled personnel, enhancing professional skills, and providing seamless preparation for specialists across various engineering disciplines.
The platform allows participants to learn and practise crucial technical skills in a safe and controlled environment without risking damage to equipment or personnel.
Platform features:
  • An online multiplayer platform that enables participants from around the world to train together in one place.
  • Accurate, realistic 3D models of equipment and locations that reproduce work processes with high detail.
  • Realistic simulations of critical situations, which help develop problem-solving skills under extreme conditions.
  • Virtual training with an expert instructor, available both individually and in group format, providing flexibility in training approaches.
  • Competency-based assessment that systematically tracks progress and training effectiveness.
  • Integration with AI tools for data analysis and adapting the training to the individual profile of the learners.
  • Proctoring of the training process to ensure fairness and transparency in assessments.
  • Compatibility with various devices, including PCs and mobile devices, making the platform accessible to a broad range of users.
Advantages of the approach:
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Virtual training allows for practice in conditions simulating dangerous situations without any real risk to the health and life of students.
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Cost reduction
Training in a virtual environment reduces the need for physical workshops, pilot plants, equipment, and consumable materials for practical sessions, as well as transportation and accommodation costs.
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Flexibility and accessibility
The platform enables users to train at any time and from any location with internet access, making education more accessible to a wider range of people worldwide.
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Personalised learning
The use of AI and adaptive technologies allows for tailoring training programmes to the specific needs and skill levels of each student, improving material retention and training effectiveness.
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Reproduction of realistic situations
Realistic 3D models and animations allow for accurate replication of real work conditions, which is crucial for technical and engineering disciplines.
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Continuity of learning
The platform allows for timely updates to the training content to align with the latest technologies and industry standards, ensuring the relevance of the specialists’ knowledge.
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Feedback and continuous assessment
Virtual training and competency assessments provide timely feedback, facilitating quick correction of errors and better retention of material.
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Collaborative group work and experience sharing
Our multiplayer platform promotes collaborative work and sharing of experience among participants from different parts of the world, enhancing learning and fostering a professional community.
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Available disciplines and scenarios
Each discipline and scenario are designed to provide a deep understanding of processes and develop the competencies of users, ensuring comprehensive and effective training.

Exploration and extraction of oil and gas
  • Seismic research
  • Exploratory drilling

Drilling and well services
  • Emergency response
  • Drilling operations
  • Fishing operations
  • Major repair and completion of wells
  • Cementing operations
  • Other operations

Other operations
  • Extraction and processing of oil and gas
  • Wastewater management

Maintenance management
  • Maintenance and repair of various mechanical equipment (rotating and static)
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting of various mechanical equipment (rotating and static)

Storage and transportation of hydrocarbon
  • Training in safe methods of storing and transporting oil and gas.

Energy generation
  • Operating and maintaining energy facilities, including emergency response training and optimization of operations