Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 digital pattern
Digital Pattern: Turning Ideas into Captivating Experiences
Visualization and Gamification Studio
Digital Pattern specializes in visualization, software development, and online platforms, designing user interfaces, technical animation, special effects, as well as creating games and educational simulations.
Our Competencies
  • 3D Modeling
    We specialize in creating high-quality digital models of various objects and processes, including animals, insects, plants, industrial equipment, and manufacturing facilities. Our approach allows us to explore these objects and processes at macro, micro, and nano levels, revealing details and relationships inaccessible through conventional observation.
  • Software Development
    Developing multifunctional applications, games, and educational-entertainment applications.
  • Web Development
    Full-cycle design and development of information systems. We carefully consider and enhance user experience, design interfaces, and the logical structure of websites.
  • Design
    Creating any graphic elements including illustrative materials, graphics, diagrams, drawings, and pixel graphics.
  • Animation and Special Effects
    2D and 3D animation of any objects and processes. Creating any visual effects, combined shooting, and using computer graphics.
  • Narrative and Game Design
    Creating computer games and game simulators for various types of devices. Full cycle - developing the overall story, plot, dynamics, levels, choosing technologies, design requirements, and principles of user interaction with game mechanics.
  • Educational Simulations
    Developing 3D simulators using augmented and virtual reality for training technical and engineering personnel. Visual reconstruction of emergency situations for analysis of cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Sound Engineering
    Creating sound accompaniment for multimedia products.
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Who Might Be Interested
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 digital pattern
Industrial and Engineering Companies
3D modeling and educational simulations assist in visualizing processes and training personnel.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 digital pattern
Educational Institutions and Training Centers
Educational simulations and virtual reality trainers enable the creation of interactive learning tools.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 digital pattern
Media and Advertising Agencies
Well-thought-out design, high-quality animations, and special effects help create multimedia content that achieves its goals.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 digital pattern
Medical and Research Institutions
Creating educational simulations and analyzing cause-and-effect relationships can be useful for training medical staff and conducting scientific research.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 digital pattern
Construction Companies
3D modeling for project visualization and creation of presentation materials, as well as training staff for new projects.
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