Internships and Practice
Gain experience in an innovative company by learning from the best in the field
Do you want to gain more skills in a couple of months working on a real project than you could in several years of university or college? Or perhaps you plan to apply for a job with us after your internship
If so, our annual internship program for students and young professionals provides a unique opportunity to prepare for a successful career. Here, you can apply theoretical knowledge in practice by working on real projects and solving current issues in a team of professionals
What are the benefits of an internship?
Internships offer several advantages for personal and professional development
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Development of professional skills
An internship not only provides initial professional skills in your chosen field but also allows for deeper immersion in real work processes
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Deepening theoretical knowledge
You can consolidate, expand, and systematize your knowledge by applying theory in practice, which facilitates better understanding and retention
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Real project experience
Working on current projects provides valuable experience that can be applied to your final thesis and coursework. It also helps build a portfolio, which will be a significant advantage when seeking employment
Candidate Profile
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  • Students or graduates
    Ideal candidates are either advanced students or recent graduates from higher or specialized secondary educational institutions. Preference is given to top students and above-average performers. If you were diligent in your studies, it implies you will be diligent in your work tasks
  • Specialization
    Preference is given to candidates specializing in fields related to our company's activities, such as IT, engineering, marketing, business, education, psychology, or human resources management
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Skills and Experience
  • Technical skills
    Depending on the specialization, candidates must possess skills appropriate for the position, such as programming, data analysis, project management, etc
  • Business skills
    Being communicative, able to work in a team, showing initiative, and adapting to changing conditions are important qualities for us
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Personal Qualities
  • Passion for learning and development
    Candidates should demonstrate a desire to learn and grow in their chosen professional field
  • Initiative
    It's important to be able to find solutions independently and offer new ideas
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Professional Interests and Goals
  • Alignment with values
    A candidate's values should align with our team's mission and corporate values
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Additional Requirements
  • English language
    Proficiency in English (at least B1-CEFR level) is an additional advantage
When does the internship take place?
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Internship Enrollment
Candidate recruitment is conducted annually by the HR department, depending on the needs in the following divisions: Visualization, Software Development and Online Platforms, and Sales and Marketing. Typically, the recruitment process for the summer internship begins in the spring.
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Internship Duration
The minimum duration of the internship is 1 month. The optimal period, allowing full acquisition of necessary work skills, is 3 months. However, the duration may be adjusted or the internship may be completed early by mutual agreement.
Workplace Organization for Interns
Each intern is assigned a mentor from among the experienced employees of the company. The mentor, who has significant professional experience and recognized authority, provides the necessary support, including regular consultations and assistance in adapting to the new workplace
The employee responsible for working with interns organizes the workplace, ensuring all necessary conditions for effective work and learning are met
Evaluation of Internship Results
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Skills assessment
At the end of the internship, the internship manager or mentor completes a competency assessment form for each intern. Those who receive positive feedback may be invited for further internships
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Intern's final presentation
One of the key methods of assessment is the intern's presentation of their internship results. This presentation allows evaluating how effectively the intern achieved their goals and what competencies were developed
The content of the presentation should include:
  • Goals and objectives of the internship
    What the intern aimed to achieve
  • Achievements
    Specific results and successes of the intern
  • Types of work completed
    An overview of the tasks that were resolved
  • Skills and knowledge
    What the intern learned during the internship
  • Suggestions for improvement
    Suggestions from the intern on how to improve the company's processes from his/her perspective
Internship and Employment Prospects
Successful interns may receive a job offer. However, it should be noted that successful completion of the internship does not guarantee automatic employment. We strive to support all our interns in their professional development and provide valuable experience that will be useful in their future careers.
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How is the competency assessment conducted?
The evaluation of interns is based on a specially developed competency profile, which includes behavioral indicators for each competency. The evaluators observe the interns' behavior in the workplace and assess each competency as it is demonstrated
Competencies assessed in interns include:

Information gathering and analysis
Evaluating the intern's ability to collect data from various sources, analyze information, and make reasoned conclusions

Argumentation of one’s viewpoint
Skills in justifying one's position using facts

The ability to build effective relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients

Goal setting
The ability to clearly define goals and persistently achieve them

Management of innovations and changes
Skills in generating new ideas and proposals for improvement

Achieving results
The ability to implement tasks and achieve results

Personal effectiveness
Evaluating a responsible approach to work and the ability to manage one's time

How does the candidate selection process work?
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Application collection
We accept applications from all interested candidates within the set deadlines
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Resume analysis
Competitive evaluation of resumes to select candidates for the next stage
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Ability testing
Inviting the best candidates for testing to assess professional and personal qualities
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Panel interview
Conducting interviews with practice managers for the final evaluation of suitable candidates
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Invitation to the internship
Successful candidates receive invitations to the internship and proceed with the formalities
How to apply for an internship?
Visit our website and submit an application, attaching your resume and a cover letter. The letter should be informal and reflect your interest in the internship
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Video interviews with our trainees
Advice for interns and junior professionals

Take your job seriously. Do not skip work - they count on your participation in the process.

Come on time, don't be late. if you are late, apologize and give the reason.

Do more than is expected of you during each assignment.

Listen carefully and always write it down.

Consider in advance that you may not know absolutely everything (even if you don’t seem to be)

Find opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and contribute.

Assume that there are no stupid questions. Feel free to ask. Ignorance can turn into a wasted day. It’s worse not to ask questions — you may seem inert and disinterested.

Don't blindly follow instructions. Work mindfully. When you do something, think about what you are doing.

Be eager to learn new things, and people will be more willing to teach you.

In the early days, try to understand who is doing what, and who is responsible for what.

You must learn to set goals in your work.

Remember to thank those who help you (even if the help is minor). Remember that this help is selfless and often disrupts their work schedule.

Try to establish constructive relationships with all employees, build your relationships based on effective communications.

It is possible that at first you will not have time to cope with all your affairs at the appointed time, do not worry. Over time, you will meet deadlines.

Adhere to the existing dress code - dress appropriately for the work environment, if in doubt - ask your mentor for advice.

Try to get as much clarification as possible on the work entrusted to you at the initial stage - then prepare the work to the end and only then contact your mentor with a request to check you.

Find a life balance between work and personal life. The lack of balance in life leads to excessive fatigue at work and, as a result, less efficient work.

Work is sometimes necessary, and sometimes it is important. Learn to complete all tasks assigned to you.

Before leaving home, clean up your desk every day.

In assigned tasks, learn to set priorities, if you cannot set them yourself, seek help from a mentor or more experienced colleagues. Prioritizing will help you meet deadlines and be more efficient.

Always listen carefully to what your colleagues tell you, if you are busy with a telephone conversation - ask the interlocutor to wait - listen to what they say to you, and then continue the conversation.

Know how to take responsibility in making decisions only if you are completely confident that you are right, otherwise seek advice from a mentor.

The success of the practice and further professional activity depend, first of all, on you!