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Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0 Anton Gakhov
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Anton Gakhov
We develop innovative educational products, turning the learning process into an exciting and unforgettable adventure.
Our mission is to motivate and inspire people to continuous development and improvement through the transformation of traditional teaching methods.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for talented people who love what they do and strive to achieve outstanding results. Our employees are true professionals in their field!
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Our Values
  • Striving for outstanding results
    We value high achievements and do not rest on our laurels.
  • Creativity
    We encourage innovative thinking and a creative approach to solving work tasks.
  • Initiative in changes
    We accept and support changes aimed at improvement.
  • Learning and development
    We aim for personal and professional growth.
  • Openness and trust
    We build open and trusting relationships with colleagues and partners.
  • Positive team atmosphere
    We strive to create a positive atmosphere in the team.
  • Problem solving
    We are ready to spend time finding the most optimal ways to solve problems.
  • Love for one’s work and independence
    We value passion for work and the ability to make independent decisions.
Job vacancies
Employee testimonials
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Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Assel A.
Training manager
In Tecedu, solving various problems forces you to constantly immerse yourself in something new, so skills do not remain without pumping. The daily exchange of knowledge, skills and abilities allows us to stay in trend, thanks to which our projects are popular. Tecedu Family is a team of professionals!
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Galya D.
Business Development Manager
Working at Tecedu means dynamics of development, innovation, mutual respect in the team, exchange of experience, and support for a creative approach. Here you can constantly improve your professional skills, participate in modern and interesting projects.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Denis P.
Technical coordinator
Work at Tecedu, unlike other places, is distinguished by a free schedule and freedom of creative thoughts. Including a good team, an interesting atmosphere is created during the work process.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Ilya P.
3D Artist
Tecedu is a new company that uses bold and modern educational solutions that make the future real in the here and now. There is an opportunity to work with professionals around the world, thereby developing in a team of the best people who know their business and not limit their creative thinking, find solutions to problems that seemed impossible.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Ramil M.
3D Artist
A wonderful company with a friendly team, I came here as an inexperienced student with no work experience, during my work I significantly improved my 3D modeling skills, improved my soft skills. Gained invaluable experience.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Vladislav S.
3D Artist
I worked at Tecedu for two years and am very satisfied, I started my career in the company as an intern, after a short time I became an official employee (3d modeller). I have worked on many different tasks, from simple commercials to serious projects. In the process of work, I completed many different tasks that were of interest to me.
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Ilya Z.
Best place i have worked 👍
Tecedu Innovations for Education 4.0
Dina A.
Web developer
This is exactly the kind of work that you take with enthusiasm every day. I really like how the work process is organized, there is a constant exchange of progress and a general discussion of working moments. Thanks to this, the work plan is always clearly known, you never feel lost. Each employee is appreciated for his best qualities, the atmosphere in the team is friendly and comfortable. 👍