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Tecedu Academy

Tecedu Academy

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Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Virtual platform for practical skills development where students and instructors work together to perform technical processes and resolve critical scenarios and situations

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Rainbow Khan

Rainbow Khan

Industrial visualization studio

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Digital competence validation framework

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Aizhan AI

Aizhan AI

Virtual system of CGI coaches and instructors

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Tecedu School

Tecedu School

Video school with specialization in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

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Social Intelligence quotient analysis platform

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Tecedu Academy

Технические программы
School of Engineering
Ключевые бизнес навыки
School of Business and Management
Цифровые навыки
School of Computer Science
Operational Risk Management Center
Геология, петрофизика и разработка месторождений
Geology, Petrophysics and Reservoir Engineering
Courses cover topics such as oil production technologies, the basics of design and management of field development, as well as working with big data and machine learning
Бурение и скважинные операции
Drilling and wells services
The courses are aimed at studying the types and technologies of drilling, preventing stuck pipes, work using coiled tubing, cementing and repair, as well as completing wells
Добыча и производство нефти и газа
Oil and gas production
Courses ranging from introduction to the oil and gas business to advanced field techniques, including production water management, fracturing and process safety
Нефтепереработка и нефтехимия
Refining and chemicals
Courses that address the basic technologies and processes of oil refining and petrochemicals, as well as working with petroleum products
Ремонт и техническое обслуживание оборудования
Maintenance management
The courses are aimed at planning, designing and carrying out maintenance, extending the overhaul life of equipment, as well as ensuring reliability
Управление строительными работами
Capital construction
The courses are designed to develop knowledge of scaffolding and equipment, as well as to develop skills in the selection and management of construction contractors
Очистка и переработка газа
Gas processing
Courses in gas purification and extraction of components that complicate the use of gas as fuel and raw materials or substances that pollute the environment
Энергетика и КИПиА
Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls
Courses in Electrical Design and Operation Concepts Required in the Oil, Gas and Power Industry
Машиностроение и трубопроводный транспорт
Mechanical and Pipeline Systems
The courses are aimed at training specialists in the design and operation of various types of equipment, production facilities and pipeline systems
Добыча на море
Courses in the design, construction of offshore and deep water systems, as well as drilling and completion of deep water wells
Альтернативная энергетика
Alternative energy
Alternative energy is a set of promising methods for obtaining, transferring and using energy (often from renewable sources), which are not as widespread as traditional ones, but interest due to the profitability of use with, as a rule, a low risk of causing harm to the environment.
Экономика и финансы
Finance and cost control
Courses to improve skills in financial planning and cost control, as well as modern financial systems and approaches to internal audit
Управление закупками и цепочкой поставок
Procurement and supply chain management
Training courses on effective contract management and administration, supply chain management and tendering, as well as modern methods of warehouse management
Управление персоналом и тренинги
HRM and training
The courses are aimed at developing skills in the selection, assessment, motivation, training and development of personnel, as well as in talent and succession management
Лидерство и менеджмент
Leadership and management
Courses are designed to develop skills and competencies in situational, strategic and digital leadership, coaching, mentoring, building and managing a high-performing team
Управление проектами и рисками
Project and risk management
Project and risk management courses using cutting edge programs such as MS Project and Primavera
Личные помощники и администраторы
Professional administration
Courses help administrators, work supervisors and assistants to properly organize time, manage various work situations and documents
Продажи и маркетинг
Sales and marketing
Courses to develop B2B sales skills of various levels and international marketing skills, such as creating a marketing plan, competitor analysis and segmentation
Ключевые бизнес-навыки
Core business skills
Courses are aimed at developing key business skills, that is, the knowledge and skills necessary to quickly and efficiently complete work processes
Производственная психология
Industrial psychology
Industrial and organizational psychologists focus on the behavior of employees in the workplace. They apply psychological principles and research methods to improve the overall work environment, including performance, communication, professional satisfaction and safety.
Ключевые цифровые навыки
Essential digital skills
Courses to develop digital skills in computer use and effective networking, IT security and data protection
Работа с MS Office
MS Office Applications
Courses to develop effective skills in working with Microsoft programs for text documents, spreadsheets and for creating presentations
Креативные профессии
Creative professions
Courses that develop skills in working and editing images, creating 2D and 3D drawings using computer-aided design tools and key concepts of web publishing
Цифровые навыки предпринимателя
Entrepreneurial digital skills
Digital Marketing and Project Planning Skills and Knowledge Courses for Entrepreneurs
Вычислительные навыки
Computational skills
Courses for the development of programming and data analysis skills, including working in the MS Access application
Отраслевые цифровые навыки
Industry-specific digital skills
Digital Skills Courses that are used in a variety of fields such as education, healthcare, cyber security, and social media
Технологии Индустрии 4.0
Industry 4.0 technologies
Courses in disruptive digital technologies such as internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and big data
Охрана труда и промышленная безопасность
General Health and Safety
Courses on creating a safe working environment for employees, primarily aimed at reducing the risk of accidents at hazardous production facilities
Защита окружающей среды
Environment protection
limiting the negative impact of human activities on the environment
Первая помощь на производстве
Occupational health
Courses that provide practical skills in first aid at work
Аварийное реагирование
Emergency response
Courses that are aimed at mitigating the consequences of emergencies for human life and health, property and the environment
Ликвидация аварийных разливов нефти
Oil spill response
The courses are intended for the work of removing oil stains and oil effluents from the surface of water and soil
Система нарядов-допусков
Permit to work system
Courses to improve safety and clarity during work, reduce the likelihood of errors and emergency situations, such as admission to hazardous types of work, work with hydrogen sulfide, hazardous areas and mechanical isolation of devices
Работа в замкнутом пространстве
Confined space
Courses are aimed at ensuring safety during work that is performed on objects that are not intended for a long stay of a person in it
Грузоподъемные операции
Lifting operations
Courses are aimed at ensuring safety during work that is performed on objects that are not intended for a long stay of a person in it
Безопасность при перевозках
Transport safety
Courses are designed to ensure safety during transportation and driving in off-road conditions
Специализированные программы
Role specific programmes
Specialized courses that are aimed at efficiently performing work and ensuring the safety of both employees and companies

Virtual Workshops

Exploration Tecedu
Drilling and well services Tecedu
Drilling and well services
Oil and gas production Tecedu
Oil and gas production
Refining and petrochemicals Tecedu
Refining and petrochemicals
Hydrocarbon storage and transportation Tecedu
Hydrocarbon storage and transportation
Retail and distribution Tecedu
Retail and distribution
Power generation Tecedu
Power generation

Rainbow Khan

Industrial visualization Tecedu
Industrial visualization
Accidents reconstruction Tecedu
Accidents reconstruction
AR systems Tecedu
AR systems
Computer simulators Tecedu
Computer simulators
VR simulators Tecedu
VR simulators
3D modeling Tecedu
3D modeling
3D presentations Tecedu
3D presentations
Computer games Tecedu
Computer games

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